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If you should be confused by the available grades of Neodymium or contemplating learning exactly how a course is assigned to a specific Neodymium alloy, this post is in fact available.

N35, ND-35, and ND-3512 are typical comparable “Grades.” They represent a neo magnet alloy including an electricity Density (optimal Energy item) of 35 and has now an Intrinsic Coercive power of 12 kOe. The 12kOe results in a maximum operating heat for magnet of 80°C. (the particular optimum Operating Temperature is geometry reliant as well as 150°C can be utilized right here for illustrative functions.)

N45SH, ND-45SH, and ND-4520 tend to be equivalent quality of Neo alloy. This notation presents a neo magnet alloy that has an electricity Density (Maximum Energy Product) of 45 and it has an Intrinsic Coercive energy (Hci) of 20 kOe. The 20kOe is recommended within the quality notation because of the “SH” suffix and results in a maximum running temperature the magnet of 150°C. (the specific optimum working heat is geometry reliant which means 150°C is employed here for illustrative explanations.)

Neo Grade Explanation
As explained above, a Neodymium magnet’s “Grade” arises from the energy thickness (optimum power item) many sign of Neodymium alloy’s ability to operate at enhanced conditions. Knowing the high quality seriously isn’t adequate to anticipate a magnet alloy’s overall performance in a credit card applicatoin. The Neo magnet’s quality has several other characteristics that are knowledgeable about gauge the magnet’s performance in a software. Unless the program is at back ground room temperature, the magnet has actually a Magnetic Length / Diameter proportion > 0.7, and there isn’t any extra demagnetizing areas, a performance evaluation should be performed. Please engage a Dura application agent for help when selecting a Neo grade for the application.


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