Founded in 1984 by Rickey L. Jackson,DeRick’s long history has been dedicated totallyto cost effective precision jig grinding. We’re specialists and we are considered one of the most trusted companies in our industry. We know how to get the job properly the first time to achieve the lowest possible cost. Our goal has always been to achieve total customer satisfaction. We emphasize just in time service.

At DeRick’s, we jig grind complex contours associated with high tolerance blue print specification. Our customers include, but are not limited to the following industries: Automotive, Electronic, Aerospace, Special Machine Tools, Military, Computer, Pharmaceutical, and Food Processing .

Rare Earth Magnets N52 magnets
Rare Earth Magnets N50 magnets
Rare Earth Magnets N45 magnets

Our high standards are a matter of personal pride, Master Craftsmanship and specialized trade secrets that have been handed down from one generation to another. When your tolerances must be held to +/- 1 micron or greater, we are confident that we can handle it!

Our core competencies include:

Precision Grinding on 
teel (Harden or Soft, including modern day High-Tech Steels),
Molds (Injection),
Dies (Progressive and Deep-Drawn),
Die Cast
Precision Parts. Give us a Call at(313) 277-1044[Home]

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