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Saturday, May 18, 2019
Brechtian Performance †Message Delivery Essay
Our group explored anferent Brechtian techniques. Our elect form of loving improvement was safe sex, and we chose to aim a pasquinade of the well-kn admit record book tale of multiplication to deliver our message, hence juxtaposing contemporary society. We presented it with quite a lot of satire, with physical prank (the banana and the throwing of clothes whilst Adam Ryan and Eve Steph were behind the curtains) as well as verbal drollery (But graven image said we could do anything but touch the bananas). This font of verbal comedy was to parody Gods command to non touch the apples in the book of the Bible. We in any case had a narrator (Rebekka) who proved to be sound and acted in the style of a Brechtian narrator. We had individuals step out of the group to quotation the earreach too God (Jasmin) talked directly to the audience. This is a precise popular Brechtian technique as it breaks the quartern wall and jars the audience. God and the n arrator also gave decimal point directions, an example of self-reference which is again jarring for the audience. Since we apply a Biblical story, there is already the presence of God, who made the judgment on characters in the end and fixed piece of epic champaign a nonher Brechtian technique. Also, when God entered, the music We Will Rock You was played in the background, juxtaposing Gods holiness and seriousness and creating opportunities for comedy at the same time.I think legitimate Brechtian techniques were utilized quite well in our piece of epic theatre. By choosing the tale of Adam and Even, we do non need introductions or monologues in order for the audience to under base of operations the characterizations of the roles even if not everyone is religious, I think it can be assumed that the whole of the audience atomic number 18 quite familiar with the fundamentals of the tale. This allows the audience to be easily engaged in our performance. Our physical and verba l uses of comedy was successful the audience understood the

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