innuendos and showed this by laughing at the appropriate times. We also presented the Bible view of contraception satirically, and in the end used the narrator to tell the audience what the message truly was to have safe sex. olibanum our issue of social improvement was clearly understood by the audience. When God said to go frontwards and multiply, the narrator also held up a placard that said = MAKE BABIES, another blast at humor and also translating the Biblical language to make sure the audience could comprehend and describe the story.Critically, I believe we employed the Brechtian techniques well, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. We used self-referencing both the narrator and God gave stage directions. The narrator also, whilst speaking to the audience, did not speak as herself instead, she used The narrator enters stage right and proceeds to tell the audience that this story is going to be a ctive the issue of safe sex. This use of third somebody is jarring and telling. God also gave directionson and off, which made the theatre of our piece evident. However, there were a lot of opportunities to use more Brechtian techniques, but we didnt. I looking our use of juxtaposition wasnt particularly strong we could have used a contradicting font of music when Adam and Even were behind the curtains and throwing the clothes out instead of using the music we chose, which change course with the scene instead of contrasting it. Also, we only used frozen images, and not gestus Adam and Eve froze whenever God and Satan entered, but it couldnt be called a representation or summary of all the feelings and emotions envisioned in the scene.Personally,I do not think my portrayal of Satan was up to its full potential. I didnt really use any Brechtian techniques in my role, and my wearing the Devil horns overhearmed to fail as a joking stereotypical presentation of Satan. I also think the narrator mightve given herself more stage directions at times to create an even more jarring and comical effect. For example, The narrator says the end to shut the story. /pause/ The end. We did not really have time to try this out though, so it might not be a good idea and is merely what I wouldve wanted to try. I also fee

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