At DeRick's, we use in house inspections and calibrated instruments to validate that the job has been performed precisely to blue print specifications.  QS standards are important and in our business, we bring the final product to its most refined state.  We are the bottom line.  If requested, our work can sent to a responsible third party for certification. 

All of our Equipment, Wire EDM, Quality Control Instruments and Moore Grinders are maintained in excellent operating condition to ensure accuracy and top level performance.

DeRick's quality workmanship has always been our trademark. Our high standards, an eye for detail and our commitment to excellence are part of our tradition. We take enormous pride in our ability to meet the challenges of each project. We appreciate our customer's confidence in our skills.

Micron Visualization Chart: We grind surfaces to a very tight tolerances. The larger circle on this chart represents the relationship between the diameter of a human hair to the diameter of a Micron. We grind surfaces to the size of a micron (.000039 inch or .001 mm).